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Last updated May 25, 2023 | Originally published Feb 17, 2023

# Thinking it through

# Sept. 16, 2022

I’m currently publishing via Blot. It’s an excellent service and has recently launched support for [[wikilink]] format links. Arguably, this is sufficient for my needs: I just have to be careful not to use Obsidian features in any published pages. Namely, I wouldn’t be able to link sections or blocks nor embed any content. I also wouldn’t have the neat page-preview feature provided by many Obsidian-friendly publishing options. Nor would the site provide backlinks or graph views of the notes.(Do I want backlinks or graph views?) Blot would take the least amount of effort to start publishing and would involve no additional cost.

The case against Blot is that there are some features of “digital gardens” that might be nice to have that aren’t likely to be added to Blot anytime soon. The aforementioned backlinks and graph views are two, as are embedded and previewed content. The trouble is that most of the options β€” with the exception of Quartz β€” don’t offer feed-type views of the contents, so if I use any of those alone I will have no way of publishing feeds of articles. This is important to me because I think publishing standalone articles is often the best way to share ideas. Put differently: I think that browsing notes is not a good reader experience.

So, for now, I have to do two things:

  1. Develop a design theory for publishing. Why do I want to do this? What problems am I trying to solve, and how will I know if the changes I make succeed?
  2. Look at the options.

# Oct. 26, 2022

After reviewing existing options extensively, I decided to try Quartz. This site is the result of that migration. I’ve actually changed a number of things:

Most of the rough edges have since been polished down, but there’s still some work to do.

# Jan 15, 2023

I’m in the final stages of migration now. I have a few tasks ahead of me:

# Tasks

# Resources