Unofficial Obsidian custom search engine

Last updated Feb 15, 2023 | Originally published Feb 14, 2023

One of the best things about Obsidian is its prolific community. Folks are posting excellent resources for other Obsidian users on the official Discord server, the official forum, the subreddit, the Obsidian Roundup, YouTube, Twitter, the fediverse, their own sites, and even the official help docs.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember all of these useful sources of information!

So, I’ve created a simple custom search engine that scopes a Google search across some of these different places.1

Search across the entire Obsidian community

Here’s the list of sites it currently searches across:

Let me know if you think of ways of improving it!

  1. Where possible, anyway. Unfortunately, social media search is tough. There’s no way to add YouTube or Twitter/Mastodon results without bringing in a lot of noise. Similarly, Google can’t see Discord. ↩︎