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Link: https://futuretodayinstitute.com/2019-tech-trends/ Tags: futures, highlights, change, tech Microblog: If you ever wanted to see some robust futurist’s work, check out the Future Today Institute’s 2019 trend report. Twitter: This is a great report from @FTI. CIPHER—contradictions, infections, practices, hacks, extremes, rarities—is a neat heuristic for signal analysis. Summary: The Future Today Institute’s 2019 Trends Report is worth a look.

# 2019 Tech Trends Report – The Future Today Institute

This report is intentionally broad and robust. We have included a list of adjacent uncertainties, a detailed analysis of 315 tech trends, a collection of weak signals for 2020, and more than four dozen scenarios describing plausible near futures.

Impressive work. I particularly like the CIPHER heuristic they use in analysis signals: contradictions, infections, practices, hacks, extremes, rarities.