Automatically download Reminders into your Obsidian notes with Shortcuts

Published Nov 1, 2022

Want a quick, hands-free, one-step method to capture reminders and tasks into Obsidian? Take advantage of Reminders, Shortcuts, and Shortcuts’s automations feature.

This Shortcut will extract all reminders currently incomplete in a given list and append them to your daily note.

Here’s a screenshot of the full Shortcut

Download it and set it up (i.e., answer all of the configuration questions). Then, create Shortcuts automations (via the Automations tab in Shortcuts) that run on whatever triggers you want (e.g., “Whenever the Obsidian app is opened” and “9am”). Add a “Run Shortcut” action to that automation, then select the shortcut you’ve just configured.

🎉! Whenever the shortcut is triggered, the reminders in the designated list will be added to your daily note.

You can now say e.g., “Hey Siri, add ‘Pick up milk’ to my Obsidian list,” and that item will (eventually) be added to your daily note.