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Link: https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250243621 Tags: book, sci-fi, highlights Summary: Sue Burke’s Interference is an excellent conclusion to a compelling sci-fi duology. From: MacMillan

# Interference by Sue Burke

[People] tend to ignore outside forces and focus on each other. This comes naturally. They believe they are responsible for everything because they believe they have no limits to the mastery of their fates, a false belief but their central motivation, perhaps good for their mental health, since powerlessness is hopelessness.

If you haven’t heard of Sue Burke’s “Pax” duology, and you like sci-fi, I’m happy to recommend a new favourite book series for you.

The Pax books are about a rebellious attempt to save humanity in which several families build their own ship and escape to a new planet to begin a new colony. Doing that is about as straightforward as it sounds. Sue Burke brings this premise to life masterfully.