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Tags: highlights, change, systems, crowdsourcing Link: https://www.theverge.com/2019/12/4/20994401/youtube-ted-climate-change-united-nations-countdown-streaming-video Microblog: (don’t_forget_to_include_the_link_in_the_post_text) Twitter: The @TED and @YouTube global climate pitch competition is interesting—and yet another example of platforms for crowdsolving. My question is: what happens to all the ideas that don’t make it to the stage? Surely there’s a way of modeling and using those! Summary: TED and YouTube partner on a new climate change crowdsolving platform.

# TED and YouTube launch global climate initiative

Anyone, anywhere can propose an idea. YouTube creators will help spread the word, and the best proposals could be put into motion with the help of businesses, policymakers, and and celebrities supporting the initiative.

The initiative will culminate in a summit in Bergen, Norway next October to share the solutions that came out of the effort. Countdown will work with a panel of experts and scientists to vet proposals, and the strongest will be turned into TED talks. The talks will be filmed at the summit in Norway, in front of “a hand-picked audience capable of turning those ideas into action,” according to a press release.

An interesting partnership, and yet another example of “crowdsolving”: trying to find solutions to wicked problems via the mobilizing power of the Internet.

I certainly expect to see some concepts from Drawdown on stage.