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Leverage Analysis in Systemic Design → Projects & systemics & design & systemic design & presentations Applying graph theory to understand the structure of complex problems
Finding the Emic in Systemic Design → Projects & systemics & design & ethnography & ethics & presentations A paper presented at RSD7 in Turin, Italy. I argue that an under-emphasized but crucial variable of success in systemic design is the
Innovation is a Buzzword (but it doesn’t have to be) → innovation & education & talks & projects Notes, slides, and the Innovation Auditing guide presented at the talk are found below. The research presented during the talk is discussed on the
Creative Education Futures → Projects & systemics & design & ethnography & ethics & presentations In 2015, I supported Kinetic Café in developing OCAD University’s latest Vision and Mission statements. As part of that work, I helped scan for
Innovation Education → education & innovation & systemics & systemic design & university & projects What is innovation? How do we define innovation, its outputs and processes, and what are the skills and competencies necessary to practice and
Education Systemics → Education & systemics & systemic design & university & projects What are the mechanisms of education systems change? How might we use systemic design to power a reform movement? What does systems thinking teach
Innovation Systemics → innovation & systemics & canada & projects & university Thus, Canada should take steps to foster the idea economy. The world is changing, and Canada needs to understand how the tenets of the idea and
Facilitating Citizen Science through Gamification → crowdsourcing & gamification & science & tech & projects Gamification is the practice of using game elements to change the experience of nongame contexts. It presents a potentially powerful new approach to