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Systemic Strategy: Systemic Design Methods for Complex Systems Change systems, design, presentations & projects A presentation from Peter Jones and I at RSD9, virtually in Ahmedabad, India. Review the working paper. Check out the slides ▵
Finding the Emic in Systemic Design Projects, systemics, design, ethnography, ethics & presentations A paper presented at RSD7 in Turin, Italy. I argue that an under-emphasized but crucial variable of success in systemic design is the ▵
Leverage Analysis in Systemic Design Projects, systemics, design, systemic design & presentations Applying graph theory to understand the structure of complex problems ▵
The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment’s (2018) systemic theory of change Projects, systemics, design & apps A systems model I helped visualize for the Global Steering Group on Impact Investment in 2018 ▵
Innovation is a Buzzword (but it doesn’t have to be) innovation, education, talks & projects Notes, slides, and the Innovation Auditing guide presented at the talk are found below. The research presented during the talk is discussed on the ▵
Creative Education Futures Projects, systemics, design, ethnography, ethics & presentations In 2015, I supported Kinetic Café in developing OCAD University’s latest Vision and Mission statements. As part of that work, I helped scan for ▵
Education Systemics Education, systemics, systemic design, university & projects What are the mechanisms of education systems change? How might we use systemic design to power a reform movement? What does systems thinking teach ▵
Innovation Education education, innovation, systemics, systemic design, university & projects What is innovation? How do we define innovation, its outputs and processes, and what are the skills and competencies necessary to practice and excel ▵
Innovation Systemics innovation, systemics, canada, projects & university Thus, Canada should take steps to foster the idea economy. The world is changing, and Canada needs to understand how the tenets of the idea and ▵
Facilitating Citizen Science through Gamification crowdsourcing, gamification, science, tech & projects Gamification is the practice of using game elements to change the experience of nongame contexts. It presents a potentially powerful new approach to ▵