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Comparing note publishing solutions

Last updated Sep 16, 2022 | Originally published Aug 19, 2022


Feature Obsidian Publish Jekyll Quartz (Hugo) Flowershow Zola (Netlify)
Feed? Yes No Yes Yes ? No
[[Wikilinks]] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wikilinks with |aliases Yes Yes ? Yes ? ?
[[Wikilinks#to-headers]] No Yes No Yes Eventually ?
[[Wikilinks#^to-blocks]] No Yes No No Eventually No
![[Embedding content]] No, except images Yes No No Eventually Turns into links
Full text search Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customizable sidebar/navigation Medium Low, via publish.js injection Yes Yes, via HTML/CSS/Javascript Apparently No
Extensibility? Medium No Yes High High Limited
Hover previews No Yes No Yes Eventually ?
Footnotes Yes Yes ? Yes ? ?
Backlinks No Yes ? Yes Yes ?
Interactive graph No Yes ? Yes Yes ?