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# Excalidraw Data

# Text Elements

Tests ^LL7XQGrO

Problem ^BZ65nM5M

Design ^OD16C7Z1

Design theory ^ylmBiaHi

Share key concepts and lessons from IS scholarship with others. ^PdsdfXEu

Use generative technologies ethically, effectively, and efficiently to do knowledge work ^QUfoZvay

Identify opportunities for information systems use and define the problem, success conditions, and user requirements for a solution. ^gMiTUvZ7

Describe the Data, Information, Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom hierarchy ^wxl3qM3O

Define various dimensions of data quality ^8h3iVyog

Discuss the implications of Management Misinformation Systems ^fe9uY5at

Identify and describe the different types of information systems used in organizations. ^DYcR5l0J

Discuss the strategic role of information systems in providing a competitive advantage to organizations. ^0jOST5Qo

Apply IS design ethical principles to a case study to determine the most ethical course of action. ^fxvAlj6z

Describe the role of information systems in managing business processes and operations. ^bDPELXXm

Evaluate the impact of digital transformation and digital business strategies on modern organizations. ^kLRoSRfv

How assessments build on one another ^uh7SYVZa

Workload for the students ^JJGDylWA

Anti-AI ^JvOL76Tf

Seminar-style presentations ^kOQSyzZ7

How to evaluate the ITE ^MHZ2HguD

How to incorporate follow-ups ^o56eGPYt

Workload for me ^PiVQjgKL

Exams and follow-ups ^qA3VR5rl

AI-graded essays ^CtnNj1SK

co-learning/learning in public ^ezlD1SDD

teams vs brightspace fora ^i5II6Q6m

Topic quiz ^ID3X33Dy

Topic quiz ^K0LtsStH

Topic quiz ^EH0q7UF6

Topic quiz ^qYJlx3FA

Topic quiz ^DPeSnLkd

Topic quiz ^xXlUzwH3

Topic presentations — slides and selected papers for feedback ^p65SR0xj

Topic presentations ^E0EzTmpX

Reflection on DIKUW for learning ^6wWM3o6l

Complete for engagement marks

Follow-up on 3 questions/concepts from across the exams ^qfyQNwGI

final iteration is all that matters ^ikvixVLp

Assessment ^6kmVHK6Y

Outcomes ^ajUYGig5

0 ^D5hAstS6

Week ^7bFkSRcn

1 ^0fnqcma5

2 ^oChlbKVJ

3 ^ts5YhUwr

4 ^gKU3UGfI

5 ^lp3QkVUl

6 ^nGJzasta

7 ^yq8yKSqh

8 ^EhiZ43im

9 ^Q8ovidaX

10 ^EKZ4rzuu

11 ^4yKFQvdc

13 ^OvFFjOkp

12 ^VN6B15dN

Develop the design of an information system, explaining its features and their mechanisms and affordances, justifying their bases, and providing ways to evaluate system performance. ^I8CFtcF2

Find relevant high-quality evidence for IS theory and practice from scholarship and industry. ^HvMeL5ro

Research important concepts and lessons for IS design, development, and use from published theory and practice. ^sVYwGjKj

10% ^itHrvNhm

25% ^UTTeo7pA

40% ^MmpxP88P

20% ^GmVJhAoh

Design theory for learning ^uLDyJ81j

5% ^BuhFPRF0

Learning Design Theory implementation and use log ^fxwWIPI8

10% ^VDUvMQCn

Design theory for some management problem ^wX0uH3G9